Hugh Sexey’s Hospital

Alms House, Bruton, Somerset

Value: Withheld
Client: Hugh Sexey’s Trustees Construction: Autumn 2020

The Hugh Sexey’s Group of buildings has been in existence since 1640 and comprises buildings of Grade 1, 2* & 2 listings. The trustees were looking to provide a residents meeting room for the Alms House. A competition was held and the SMA proposal included a lift within the scheme allowing the residents room to be reached easily.

The architectural idea was to set the room into an existing landscaped bank below the canopy of a large existing blue gum tree. This strategy provided a room screen by landscape and also a terrace with fine views over the mature gardens below. The lift at terrace level is contained within a small glass cube which also includes a stair.

Glass, render and oak are the main materials with the terrace building clad in York stone to fit in with the historic fabric. The terrace is reached from the existing historic buildings by way of a short ramp which is planted with three shades of dogwood.

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