London School of Economics, Old Kent Road London

Value: Withheld
Client: Hollybrook
Old Kent Road, London
Granted Planning 2020

The new student hall is for the London School of Economics and is the western most point in the Southwark Old Kent Road masterplan.

The existing urban situation is formed from small scale 3-4 residential buildings beside Burgess Park rising to what will be fifty stories further to the east. This new building has to mediate these different scales which it does by means of a series of stepped terraces rising to fourteen stories.

Students enter from Glengall Road with the common room and terrace above.

At ground level an internal street leads to a series of courtyards and lift cores leading to student rooms above.

The building will be formed in brick and white concrete with perforated panels for fresh air.

The building has planning consent and will be complete by July 2023.

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