Maggie’s Centre, Northampton UK

Value: Withheld
Client: Maggie’s Cancer Centres
Northampton General Hospital UK
Under Construction

The Maggie’s Centres are a network of drop in centres located on hospital campus across the UK. They aim to help anyone who has been effected by cancer in a caring, comfortable and visually uplifting space. The centres always have gardens which extend the activities that take place.

We are working on the Northampton Maggie’s centre with the landscape architect Arne Maynard and the interior designer Tricia Guild a team that has worked together before and had great fun.

Our design takes the form of a floating umbrella with fully glazed external walls giving maximum views out to the garden. The garden is seen as an extension of the centre with outside rooms.

The roof will be covered with perforated white panels that overlap the glazing forming a lightweight tracery.

The building sits on a tray which provides outside seating and extends to form two pools and a screen.

The intention is that even on a late November afternoon the garden environment will attract people outside to sit as well as forming a beautiful backdrop to the internal life of the centre.

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