Nile Street

Value: £17m
Client: Peabody Trust Limited
Construction: mid-2004
Munkenbeck+Marshall project, Stephen Marshall Partner in charge

Peabody Trust in recent years have revived their commitment to high-quality architecture while continuing to take on difficult sites and complex tenures. Nile Street is a very high density scheme for 200 flats, and following in some ways the Gainsborough example, has one high element positioned prominently with the remainder wrapping around the site’s perimeter.

All the balconies oversail the façades allowing the maximum internal accommodation. The striking use of patinated copper cladding cassettes on the street elevations is very effective. There is a vigour especially where it is used on the triangular balconies emphasising their projectile qualities. In contrast the internal courtyard façades are timber and the garden is designed as a Zen water garden planted with birch trees. There are also densely planted roof terraces with purpose designed furniture and screens.

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